Editorial writing activity for 2nd

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Forward with Learning

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Write an Editorial for the Local Newspaper

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Editing and Proofing Worksheets

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News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. This grammar activity for middle school students is great for improving reading and writing skills.

While it is ideal for 7th – 9th grade, it can be used where needed. This misplaced modifiers activity is perfect for both parents and teachers to use in the classroom or at home. The writing process involves 6 or more stages and is a good habit for kids, especially teens looking toward college, to get into.

The six main stages are: prewriting, drafting, revising, rewriting, proofreading, and publishing. This writing center resource for second grade includes printable writing activities for all year long, lesson plans to introduce the activities, writing center tools and supports, and kid-friendly directions!4/5(12).

Get expert tips, free printables and fun activities for your child’s learning journey. PLEASE ENTER A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. PLEASE SELECT A NEWSLETTER OPTION. Preschool View Sample. Elementary School View Sample. PRINTABLES FOR 1ST-2ND GRADE PRINTABLES FOR 1ST-2ND GRADE These free printables.

Library > Bill of Rights > The Second Amendment • Early Gun Rights Legislation • Historical Newspaper Articles • Founding Fathers Quotations Early Gun Rights Legislation: Eight of the original states enacted their own bills of rights prior to the adoption of the United States Constitution.

Graphic Organizers for Opinion Writing Editorial writing activity for 2nd
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